Sunday, September 27, 2009

new giveaway: christoper kane topshop stickers!

so i got these STICKERS when ordering the alligator tee + thought it would be a fun giveaway.

to enter the giveaway, pick out your favorite runway look from this season so far.
place the image link in a comment + i will pick a winner later this week!

i have some extra alligator tees + an alligator dress. they will be on ebay soon.
i'll let you know when they are up :)


anyone have these in a size 39?

would kill to get my hands on these aldo wedges.
i have them in black but would die to have them in this color.

or can anyone recommend something similar?

yay! i won them from anywho!

thanks guys for the help!!

stripes du jour




up against the wall


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009


studded hearts

2 things on my wish list: leopard coat + balmain stripes

new business cards/new shoes

i just received my business cards. love them!
i designed them and them had them printed with THE MANDATE PRESS.
love the fact that the text isn't just ink on the card but pressed into the card.

i've been shoe crazy of late.
i loved the ann d. heel so the free people version just had to be mine.
i have been on the search for a great leopard flat, so i was happy to find these from ralph lauren.

sorry for the crappy pic quality. the nikon has a boo-boo, lol.

and the zara pants go to...

newbitchontheblog of denmark!

congrats! email me so we can work out the shipping details!





studded hearts


picsandmodels via .dirtyflaws.